Let's use a waste bag, when trekking in Hokkaido

"In 2020 summer, some shelters and facilities are closed temporarily due to the Covid-19 control. Please check the official information before visiting.”

If you are planning to go trekking in Hokkaido, Japan, we strongly recommend you to bring waste bags (“Keitai Toilet 携帯トイレ”). Visitors need to use a waste bag in excretion, especially at Mt. Tomurashi and Biei Fuji of Daisetsuzan, Mt. Rishirisan, Rausu-dake of Shiretoko peninsula. There are no toilet facilities in those mountains, and visitors are recommended to take their waste back to home or trailhead.

On some mountains in Japan, including Hokkaido, the human waste and paper left by visitors are scattered and contaminate the environment of the mountains. It is technically challenging and costly to dispose of human wastes in the mountains. In famous mountains such as Mt. Fuji and the Japan Alps, there are disposal facilities for human waste or wastes are carried out by helicopters. In other mountains in remote areas or where there are not many visitors, there are only vault toilets, or there is no toilet.

In the mountains in Hokkaido, even in mountain hats, shelters and campsites there are many places without toilets. There are fewer toilets at the trailheads. The renovation and installation of the toilet are not pursued due to technical difficulties and the high cost of construction and maintenance. For that reason, the cooperation of visitors is necessary.

We want visitors of Hokkaido mountains to follow the following things.
  • Let's go to the restroom before starting hiking
  • Let's use the restroom as much as possible in mountains
  • Do not throw any trashes in the toilet
  • Let's bring out used papers
  • Let's try to use the waste bag

The waste bag is the plastic bag for easy carrying of human waste in a place without a toilet. Please take out the inside bag, spread it on the ground, or set it in a special toilet bowl, seal it after excretion, and carry it. There is also the waste bag which needs chemicals after excretion. Depending on the rules of the mountain, put the used waste bag in the special trash box at the trailhead or follow the local waste disposal rule of the local authority. You can buy waste bags at tourist facilities around the trailhead and climbing equipment stores in the town.

The map of toilets in Hokkaido mountains shows you the presence of toilets at the trailheads of the main hiking routes, the location of the booth for the waste bag and the special trash box. You can also check stores where you can get the waste bag.

In Hokkaido, many beautiful mountains are preserving the pristine landscape. Considering the environmental conservation of the mountain, we want you to enjoy the mountain of Hokkaido.

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Map of mountain toilets in Hokkaido

Written by AIKOH Tetsuya(Hokkaido University)